About me


I’m Martin ON4CBK, I was born in Ostend on March 4, 1958.

I started my hobby at the age of 19 with citizen radio.
At that time I was still living with my parents and placed a high vertical antenna on the house.
It caused resentment, but the fun for the hobby had definitely started.

On May 18, 1984: I obtained my first license (B-class), with the callsign ON1BZN.
At that time I was living as a newly married man on a rented apartment and I could already have fun with VHF.

On April 12, 1996: I obtained the upgrade license (A-class), with the callsign ON4CBK.
At that time, I had my own house for 10 years and started getting time for the hobby again.

Over the years, several antennas have been placed on the roof of the house and tested.
For HF is now a Mosley TA-53M 5 Band Beam placed, with an X300n for VHF above it.
For lack of options, this HF beam is positioned far too low above the roof.
This is noticeable in the SWR, it changes even when the antenna-motor is running.

There were times that I was little active for professional and family reasons.
But now I am retired and during the winter months, the radio hobby is a fun activity.
The last 3 years I have been working with digital modes, this for the very bad conditions on HF.
I’m a bit tired of that and I desire for better conditions.

I have purchased all accessories to work with the QO100 satellite.
A new challenge that will be launched in the near future.

QSL INFO:  I give reply for every QSL-card sended to me via bureau or direct (SAE + 2 USD).
All my QSOs will be confirmed with LoTW, every 2 weeks.

73s, ON4CBK, Martin.


For those interested in receiving my QSL card: